Indian Vedic Astrology

Indian Vedic Astrology & Indian Astrology Horoscope lets you know about Your Birth Ascendant, Sun Sign, Moon Sign and ‘Nakshatra’, as per Vedic Astrology and Indian Astrology Horoscope Charts with most precise and particular estimations – Birth Chart & Moon Chart. definition of Planetary Dispositions(ग्रहों का स्वभाव) in your Horoscope, the position and effect of different planets, their Positive and Negative, Good & Bad effect(परिणाम) for different angles and to the general patterns of your existence.

Indian Vedic Astrology is an antiquated Indian science which illustrates planetary movements and positions regarding time and their impact on people and different elements on earth. Vedic heavenly forecast might be followed many years back. Early Vedic soothsaying was just dependent upon the development of planets concerning stars, yet later on it began incorporating zodiac signs also. Consistent with Vedic heavenly forecast there are 27 heavenly bodies made up of 12 zodiac signs, 9 planets and 12 houses with every house and planet speaking to some part of human life.

The foundations of Indian Astrology might be followed over to the old Greek Civilization and to India’s Vedic past.according to Indian Astrology, your accurate self & psyche is characterized by the position of the planets, around then & place of your life commencement. The present & anticipated positions of the planets are contrasted and those of your conception diagram to foresee(पहले से देखना) your future.this is the foundation of Indian Astrology.

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Shani Dosha Remedies

In time Remedies of Shani Dosha, he is known grant neediness, mischances, misfortune, wretchedness, distress, and leaps in life. Shani is known to get characterization our lives and realizes mindfulness poise and control. It is identified with each perspective that expedites or carries individuals’ exertion to zero or negative.

Astrologers tell us that Saturn and good for the person times to proves fruitful . But if they prove to be painful for the person Mahada Saturn Saturn should take measures to peace . Shani Mahadasha be the painful position of Saturn in the horoscope of the native assessment should take measures according to the astrological advice.

Saturn uncovers limits, feelings of trepidation and authority in our conception outline according to its companionship with the visionary sign. Shani is known to give a single person with incredible riches and notoriety as and when it is set in helpful sign and house in our life commencement diagram. He additionally is known to convey long life to individuals assuming that he is put positively in horoscope.

Shani or Saturn is recognized to be the father/authority figure because of its taskmaster teachings. The learnings’ are not dependably average yet they help us develop adult and pick up better comprehension of the planet around us. He likewise helps directing individuals’ accomplishments and expand center in life.

Shani Dosha remedies:

Shani is the God associated with Saturn and he is considered to be the son of Lord Surya and his wife Chhaya (Shadow). He is known to be a great teacher and impart truthful justice based on individual’s karma; however, he is also known to punish the followers of evil.

Saturn, being the deliverer of justice, is also ruled by Goddess Katyayini. The sixth form of Navadurga is considered to be the giver of righteousness as per the karma and the lessons come as per the actions of an individual, hence she is the ruling Goddess for Shani.

It is based on the myth that Hanuman (the Monkey God) rescued Shani from the prison of Ravana (the demon-king), a popular belief has come around that worshiping Hanuman helps counter the destitution caused by Shani or Saturn.

Shani Dosha remedies Puja is carried out to invalidate the sick impacts of Shani’s look and accumulate back the thriving one’s existence. Shani Dosha Puja likewise incorporates paying regard to Him each Saturday, by lighting a light with sesame or mustard oil after His picture. Shani Shingnapur is the most prevalent sanctuary of Shani, and is accepted to be a “jagrut devasthan” (alive sanctuary), where Shanidev lives in His most capable structure.

Shani Dosha remedies incorporates Ganpathi Smaran, Shaanti paath, Invocation of all divinities, Nine planets summon(पुकारना), Shani mantra jaap, Shani Havan, Shani shanti gift in sanctuary and day by day Brahman Bhojan.

Kundli Matching For Marriage

Kundli Matching For the Marriage design is come to be need more than style nowadays. Everybody needs his/her future life more & more secure, stable,quite. Nobody needs to be enjoy the separation like situation. They take the online administrations of horoscope match making.

Kundli matching for marriage design is not terrible yet i suppose the programming & Pc can’t help in this respect. Really this work ought(अवश्य होना) to be carried out by the astrologers physically with his full consideration. online Kundli are supportive just for the estimation reason then again full reliance on them won’t give you any effect however might cheat you.

However nobody can deny the way that a large portion of the astrologers utilize the time for analyzing methodology of Horoscope matchmaking. That is the reason individuals needs to a tone after the marriage when they see that in spite of the horoscope matching their wedded life is irritating, clash & squabble emerges daily.
Assuming that you are searching for anybody for Kundli matching for the marriage then i might want to let you know that we at do the undertaking of horoscope matching physically. The procedure experiences the accompanying steps.

1. Guna Milaan
2. Check manglik Dosha with percentage
3. Check Kal Sarp Dosha
4. Ashtakvarga Horoscope Match
5. Age, Health, Character etc.

These kinds of Questions may also be solved the right way Each and every possible parallel will probably be solved throughout the Kundli Matching For Marriage.

Marriage prediction by date of birth

Marriage Prediction by Date of Birth and time is exceptionally simple transform in Indian vedic astrology prophecy(भविष्यवाणी). We have the ability to foresee your marriage life utilizing predication, In this we have the ability to realize that what will be life you’re after a marriage. Likewise we are to get victory to realize that your marriage will be love or orchestrated this is dependent upon kundali/kundli. In Indian horoscope this is understandable to know a large portion of regular thing dependent upon name. In this you can let us know your verbal name to utilize we will check a rashi nakshatra concurring (मिलना-जुलना) dependent upon a name soothsaying find what will be issues in your destiny marriage.

To Marriage prediction by date of birth is extremely basic process that we have to first recognize or making a kundali dependent upon your date of life start and time after it we balance your planet position in your kundali that when will be hold your marriage. When we check marriage forecasts then we have the ability to let you know correct period of marriage in which year it will be held by your guardians.

In the event that you have any dosh in kundali then don’t have to stress we have numerous answer for resolve marriage issues which has been seen in your kundali. In some cases we can see that some individual have marriage dosh in kundali so first we need to determination that dosh before doing marriage. In light of the fact that without resolove any kundali dosh if marriage is carried out then it won’t serve for long time. It will get a split after an at some point of period due any particular explanations.

So send me your date of conception and time assuming that you have rectified then I will then and let you know about your fate marriage expectations. So you will get fulfillment in the wake of knowing from us that what will happen with you after a marriage.marriage life prediction based on date of birth and time

when will i get married prediction

When will i get married prediction?

According to Marriage Astrology this type of question consistently requested by our visitors.

Everybody in life Marriage is one of the essential part in life.An alternate inquiry which we experience as often as possible is,when will i get married prediction.Marriage or ralationship gives us a amazing experience and Excitement to live life to the maximum.We need to find out match the both kundli husband birth details and wife birth details with exact time.

Fortunately we have decoded the mystery astrologer speech of our aged sages to anticipate the timing of marriage prophetically in a precise way. We break down your horoscope, which is dependent upon conception date and time of life commencement, as well as Navmamsa diagram and likewise keep tabs on continuous Dasha-Bhukti and planetary travel to stick focus timing of marriage and if you will get love and masterminded marriage. We don’t answer these inquiries just, yet we anticipate all the things identified with your marriage and prospective spouse or wife.

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Matching your Horoscopes Kundli Milan or Gun Milan

You can always Kundli Milan or Gun Milan hear the wedding takes place on earth and in heaven along.In fact Barach must have . Because of this, you want to – Bridal however learned,the corpulent payment,highly educated family and have a good economic,share a number of problems to get married,but you could see and the sum will be the time that they don’t want to wait.Also , you can say good luck.On all matters – the ideal bride at the wedding despite the many different types of problems face,have to go For example, a husband – wife to have differences of opinion in each case, debate, child problems, duly pleasure to meet each other anymore. The result shows that when there is chance of divorce. This type of social situation changed during the period of increasing day by day currently we can see.

Child – both parents of the girl child marriage frames the strain being strengthened appear.All of these things determine marriage – on both sides favourites – choice , like – dislike , mood, thoughts intellectual level of exchange – exchange , all things considered sexual satisfaction approach to the need of that time . In fact, when you wedding horoscope, sun, Order, planet, Star, yielding the help of characters consisting of points and rounded routine do you think ?. This is called Gun Milan Wedding.

Or just the bride – tension will increase Tue really amangala of marital life? This should be have to see .when the bride parents went astrologer for matching kundali

Common Questions For Kundli Milan or Gun Milan For Matching Your Horoscopes >>

1.Will our children love match?
2.Wedding of late? When is the duty?
3.If they are the sum of divorce?
4.Will be obstacles to marriage,what’s the solution ?
5.Match what time?

A number of questions that only the bride – after analyse kundali provide a match with each other and their kundali,it is possible to have this decision.

Gun Milan Brief Idea

When the union informed and very scientific journal gun milan level, it is advisable that the astrologers gunamilana . Always take a variety of worship matching Kundali suggested by Brahmin. But the oft -depth study on this subject , if not only match at least 18 points , Mars and Star defect or a simple information on whether or not it matches the coil,they determine.Therefore, it is advisable to astrologer

Especially gun milan on two levels to watch. Gun milan to the technical and beneficial gunamilana .

According to born naksatra has been split into 36 points . Pulse 8 points , 7 points , the sun , the order of 6 points , 5 points grahamaitri pussy Star 3 points 4 points , yielding 2 points and 1 point character .

Which are considered to be the prevailing character is referred to offices in the same. In my opinion this is currently the MODY 1 points removed, but no problem.

Human, aquatic, forest animal, insects and four-footed in the group is 12 rashi Division . 2 points for a total of keeping the friendship with each other are kept.

Tarakuta the Ashwini constellation points or revatiparyanta from each naksatrasa number are given . Star of the Bride vrachy Star mojuna from the area of the number 9 . The rest of the 3 , 5, 7, and if we left the ill-fated 2 , 4, 8 , 0 if there is a good samajavam .

According to both person kundali will probably appeal to what extent varanna knowledge about each other ‘s was maitri or planet position friendly .

This is an important part of the gunamilana be addressed when good relation planet. It should not be the enemy planet each other.

God , man , monster has thus Division 27 naksatranta gananci . Gana relationship behavior has been added. Bride – according to the order in which they are given gunamilana while Mark.

‘Sadastaka ‘ means a sum from the second pack in the sixth , eighth place in such a group yoga man – patnicam and sadastaka not believe it was , it is said . Sixth amount from the amount of the Eighth amount from Samara or odd ‘if the sum death sadastaka ‘ , and the odd amount from Samara from the Sixth and Eighth amount if the ‘pre sadastaka Yoga ‘ is . Both of these sadastaka black yoga into the match , the law says . Sadastaka love yoga a few times, but the decision to consent to according, indicating that the law is. Gunamilanata is a very important part of the ‘ organic ‘ properties. The offspring of the Bride to be – may not be suitable . If such a defect in the madhyanadica ekanada tyatalya Bride – varanna santatibabatita was always trouble . If the fault ekanadica today , raktagatamarphata solution to this problem is removed .

On the whole the stated technical gunamilanata – on both sides of the favorites – choice , like – dislike , mood, thoughts intellectual level of exchange – exchange , sexual satisfaction approach that is different in all . However, phaladesiya gunamilanamule can be shared with many secret things. Phaladesiya gunamilanadvare both life, physical health, economic stability, life fluctuations, accident , satire – illness, birth , separation location can be foretold .

In addition, the couple – parents of modern practical need of the hour is to gunamilana . The following points should be given to the opinion of the things they . Still, my vote for the guidance says .

Homogenetic 4 points , 8 points as Education – 8 points expected , economic status , responsibilities 8 points , house – house lodge 4 points and family – mother – father , sister – brother, etc. 4 points . A total of 36 points .

Evaluation of such practical things that everyone is doing their parine asatoca . The most important event in the life Still sanskaramule marriage , fear of the future kalabaddala say, the person taking the decision is based on the air .

Mangal Dosha Horoscope

The native’s Mangal Dosha Horoscope, the Ascendant lunar horoscope etc. Mars planet, Jupiter from Ascendant (first), IV, VII, VIII and XII be located anywhere in prices, he says Manglik.

Shots ‘turban Mars’ The native’s horoscope 1, 4, 7, 8, 12 th Quote anywhere mars reside with him, Sat, Sun, Rahu sin planet are sitting so and male pills Tue, Female Native Chundi Mars twin Mangli that are considered similar.

Manglik Matching of Horoscopes: bridesmaid, Virgo Horoscope both are very auspicious auspicious marriage and conjugal life is delightful. A simple and should not be an auspicious horoscope.

Mars Defect Prevention: Tue Manglik Dosha Horoscopes except for the sin in other locations if the planet is dissolved impurities.Mangal Dosha variable considered again and the Moon in the 1st, 4th , 7th , 10th Manglik blame if the price goes away . If one good planet in this yoga , so it will resolve all problem .

Shastrkaron not the only decision that makes it far from auspicious auspicious make the connection.Manglik and Amanglik kundali However , both are satisfied familial relationship full of family relationship,even if it is not great , it should not .

There are many other such Kuyog or bad patch . Vishagna etc. Keep defects such as widowhood . If this is the case then the ‘people marriage,marriage Aquarius,Virgo Saligram gain after marriage and Mars
instrument of worship etc. Get a good relationship with God with Planet Yoga.

Mars effect: use only in special circumstances . Delayed marriage , babies problems, divorce , loss of conjugal happiness and use it in court cases etc.

Exclusive : Mangal Dosha especially those who worship him must do it . Why was not it in your horoscope is auspicious dissolve impurities Tue equipment Manglik on even the ubiquitous Glory , happiness , triumph and joy .If you are really in stress situation then call us our astrologers we will guide you with best remedies.

Mangal(Manglik) Dosha in Hindi:

जिस जातक की जन्म कुंडली, लग्न/चंद्र कुंडली आदि मेंमंगल ग्रह, लग्न सेलग्न में (प्रथम), चतुर्थ, सप्तम,अष्टम तथा द्वादश भावोंमेंसेकहींभी स्थित हो, तो उसेमांगलिक कहतेहैं।

गोलिया मंगल ‘पगड़ी मंगल’ तथा चुनड़ी मंगल : जिस जातक की जन्म कुंडली में 1, 4, 7, 8, 12वें भाव में कहीं पर भी मंगल स्थित हो उसके साथ शनि, सूर्य, राहु पाप ग्रह बैठे हों तो व पुरुष गोलिया मंगल, स्त्री जातक चुनड़ी मंगल हो जाती है अर्थात द्विगुणी मंगली इसी को माना जाता है।

मांगलिक कुंडली का मिलान : वर, कन्या दोनों की कुंडली ही मांगलिक हों तो विवाह शुभ और दाम्पत्य जीवन आनंदमय रहता है। एक सादी एवं एक कुंडली मांगलिक नहीं होना चाहिए।

मंगल-दोष निवारण : मांगलिक कुंडली के सामने मंगल वाले स्थान को छोड़कर दूसरे स्थानों में पाप ग्रह हों तो दोष भंग हो जाता है। उसे फिर मंगली दोष रहित माना जाता है तथा केंद्र में चंद्रमा 1, 4, 7, 10वें भाव में हो तो मंगली दोष दूर हो जाता है। शुभ ग्रह एक भी यदि केंद्र में हो तो सर्वारिष्ट भंग योग बना देता है।

शास्त्रकारों का मत ही इसका निर्णय करता है कि जहां तक हो मांगलिक से मांगलिक का संबंध करें। ‍िफर भी मांगलिक एवं अमांगलिक पत्रिका हो, दोनों परिवार पूर्ण संतुष्ट हों अपने पारिवारिक संबंध के कारण तो भी यह संबंध श्रेष्ठ नहीं है, ऐसा नहीं करना चाहिए।

ऐसे में अन्य कई कुयोग हैं। जैसे वैधव्य विषागना आदि दोषों को दूर रखें। यदि ऐसी स्थिति हो तो ‘पीपल’ विवाह, कुंभ विवाह, सालिगराम विवाह तथा मंगल यंत्र का पूजन आदि कराके कन्या का संबंध अच्छे ग्रह योग वाले वर के साथ करें।

मंगल यंत्र विशेष परिस्थिति में ही प्रयोग करें। देरी से विवाह, संतान उत्पन्न की समस्या, तलाक, दाम्पत्य सुख में कमी एवं कोर्ट केस इत्या‍दि में ही इसे प्रयोग करें। छोटे कार्य के लिए नहीं।

विशेष : विशेषकर जो मांगलिक हैं उन्हें इसकी पूजा अवश्य करना चाहिए। चाहे मांगलिक दोष भंग आपकी कुंडली में क्यों न हो गया हो फिर भी मंगल यंत्र मांगलिकों को सर्वत्र जय, सुख, विजय और आनंद देता है।

Free Marriage Prediction

Free Marriage Prediction is the good planet position will not give good effects for everyone. Which is depend on lot of aspect at marriage prediction.

It means depend on every person kundali. After analysis kundali we can suggest you which stone is beneficial for you. If the kundali is wrongly analyses then it is really critical for those person. He or she can face lot of problem or losses in her or him life. According to kundali analyses if your kundali I position or dashma stana or Labha-sthan moon is available then he can wear moti definitely in 10th and which is really beneficial for those person .if Chandra-yuti-Budha is then it’s accelerate the benefits.At online provided free match making solution or Kundli Milan services.We provide you best of services in astrology will guide you Kundli Matching For Marriage.

Each and every person face problem in your life and marriage. if you want to overcome this problem, then you can take support kundali analyses , After analyses you can wear proper Gemstone. Might be some people know the astrology power so i wiil give you proper guidence about your life and marriage Prediction. Few year back our saint had decide to some gemstone for particular grah or planet. Our of saint thousands of years worship we can enjoy fruitful benefits of astrology. Each planet and grah is different.

Our experts Free marriage prediction Onlineoffering services also Indian Vedic Astrologers,lal kitab treatments,tarot cards reading,vastu shastra regarding home,astrological life prediction,numerology prediction,horoscope for today and more..

Free Marriage Astrology Predictions:-

  • Moon is control on nature, and he is ruling on water.
  • Mars is creating conflicts , more chance of accident.
  • Mercury is represent for sharp memory, business, Finance.
  • Jupiter is representing for gain in society good image.
  • Venus is representing for beauty, arts, happy marriage life.
  • Satun is representing for stress, depression, illness of body. If you are planning to wear Saturn
  • gemstone then it’s require lot of rules and regulation which is strictly follow by you.
  • Ravi grah is king . every grah is roaming on ravi graha.

Any kinds of Questions may also be solved the right way each and every possible parallel will probably be solved throughout the related Free Marriage Prediction to your life.

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Indian Horoscope Reading

Indian Vedic Horoscope Reading informs you concerning your Birth Ascendant,Sun Sign,Nakshatra and Moon Sign in accordance with Vedic Astrology and Indian Astrology, Horoscope Graphs with many accurate and unique calculations.Birth & Moon Chart(Graph) Interpretations regarding Planetary Dispositions inside your Horoscope,the position and also impact of various planets, his or her Beneficial and also Negative, Excellent & Bad outcomes with several factors and to the overall developments you will ever have.

The following predictions are offered based on Indian Horoscope Reading Astrology.

1> Prediction of your respective personality.
2> Prediction of your future and major events in your life.
3> In depth predictions with the latest year.
4> Calculations and charts according to your own birth data.
5> Evaluation and prediction with the trend of your respective fortunes and also the intensity of your respective experiences.

Hindi Equivalents of Planets

 English Name of Planets  Equivalent in Hindi Equivalent in Urdu Colour
 Jupiter  Guru,Brihspati  Mushtri   Yellow
 Sun  Ravi  Shamsh  Copper Red
 Moon  Chander  Quamar  White(Milk)
 Venus  Shukra,Bhrigu  Zohra  White(Curd)
 Mars  Mangal,Bhaum  Mariakh  Red Blood
 Mars(Malefic)  Mangal,Bhaum  Mariakh  Red Blood
 Mercury  Budh  Attaroo  Green
 Saturn  Shani  Zuhal  Black
 Rahu  Rahu  Raas  Blue
 Dragon’s Head
 Ketu  Ketu  Zunab  Black & White
 Dragon’s Tail


Hindi Equivalents of Raashis

 No.  English Name       Hindi Equivalent
 1.  Aries  Mesh
 2.  Taurus  Vrish
 3.  Gemini  Mithun
 4.  Cancer  Kark
 5.  Leo  Singh
 6.  Virgo  Kanya
 7.  Libra  Tula
 8.  Scorpio  Vrishchak
 9.  Sagittarius  Dhanu
 9.  Capricorn  Makar
 10.  Aqaurius  Kumbh
 11.  Pisces  Meen

Friendship and Enmity of Planets

 Planets  Equal Power Friends Enemies
 Jupiter  Saturn,Rahu,Ketu  Sun,Moon,Mars   Venus,Mer.
 Sun  Ketu  Jupiter,Moon,Mars   Venus,Sat,Rahu
 Moon/td>Sat,Venus,Mars,jupiter Sun,Mar.,  Ketu,Rahu
 Venus  Mars,Jupiter  Sat.,Mer,Ketu   Sun,Moon,Rahu
 Mars  Sat,Venus,Rahu  Sun,Moon,Jupiter   Mer,Ketu
 Mercury  Sat.,Ketu,Mars,Jupiter  Sun,Venus,Rahu   Moon
 Saturn  Ketu,Jupiter  Mer,Venus,Rahu   Moon,Sun,Mars
 Rahu  Jupiter,Moon  Mercury,Saturn,Ketu   Venus,Sun,Mars
 Ketu  Jupiter,Sat.,Mer.,Sun  Venus,Rahu   Moon,Mars

For Instant Remedies

1. Malefic Mars : Throw Rewaries(Sweet made of jaggery & Sesame)into the flowing water or river or throw crumbs of sweet bread to the birds.
2. Debilitating Jupiter : Paste safron on the navel or eat it.
3. Debilitating Sun : Throw Jaggery in the flowing water.
4. Debilitating Saturn : Mustard may be donated.
5. Debilitating Moon : Place a pot of milk under your pillow and put that milk on the “Keekar” tree in the morning
6. Debilitating Venus : Donate white barley(Jawar)
7. Benefic Mars : Donate Sweets
8. Malefic Mercury : Put a whole into a copper coin and throw it into flowing water
9. Malefic Ketu : Throw bread to dogs
10. Malefic Rahu : Donate Radish(Mooli) or throw coal into flowing water

This amazing website offers Totally free Horoscopes,Accurate predictions, specialized astrology charts and also cost free Vedic personalized parts along with common specifics of Vedic astrology and the 12 zodiac signs.We require Astrology information like Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of birth to create a personal horoscope and provide free accurate online astrology readings.

Pooja Chandra

Chandra pooja is dedicated to Lord Chandra, the Moon God.The Planet Moon is one of the most important planets in any Horoscope.Chandra is the vedic name for Planet Moon, In Sanskrit, Chandra means “bright and shining”.The planet Moon controls our Emotions, Will Power, Wealth , Health as well as all our thoughts. A person having a strong Moon ( Moon in its own Sign – Cancer, Moon in its exaltation sign Taurus or Moon being aspected by naturally benefic planets like Jupiter ) is strong in regards to his Will Power and Decisions, is always a Positive thinker and never falls prey to negative states of mind like Depression.

Complete name of the person for whom the Pooja Chandra has to be performed

1> Father’s Name.
2> Date of Birth
3> Place of Birth
4> Time of Birth.

Mantra for (Moon)Chandra pooja

Om shram sreem shraum sah chandraya namah

Palm Reading Astrology

Palm Reading is also known as Palmistry or Chiromancy As an art that took form in East Asia. It is an research of a individuals persons hand to tell him the future and individualities.The Lines on the palm,signs on palm,color of a palm and Shapes of hands can perfectly predict the past, present and even future.The shape of the hand plays an important part in identifying a individual’s personality (character). It is the first thing that palm visitors observe while using a palm reading astrology analysis.

Apart from predicting a persons future by his jamma kundli.palmastry is second option to predict your future.Some persons don’t any idea of birthday & time.For Preparign a persons jamma kundli we need birthday & this situation you can go for palmistry

Here’s a brief on the 5 common hand shapes.

1>Earth Hand

Physical attributes- broad, square palms and fingers, thick and coarse skin with a pinkish tinge.

Common characteristics:-

i> Headstrong and can get persistent at times
ii> Are generally materialistic
iii> Have abilities to obtain wealth

2>Air hand

Physical attributes- Fingers longer than the palm that is square or rectangular shaped, dry skin

Common characteristics:-

i> Public and witty
ii> Like to practice lengthy conversations
iii> Can be cool and calculative

3>Water hand

Physical attributes – Relatively long hand, almost oval shaped with slender tapering fingers, length of the palm is equal to the length of the fingers

Common characteristics:-

i> Show excellent innovative skills
ii> Have regular feelings swings
iii> Introverted and want to do things quietly

4>Fire hand

Physical attributes- short and stout fingers, square or rectangular shaped palm

Common characteristics:-

i> Strong and courageous
ii> Are generally thoughtless and insensitive to others
iii> Extroverted

Combination hand (Air-Earth and Water-Air hand)

Physical attributes- people with the combination type of hand shape have both the attributes of the respective hand shapes

Common characteristics:-

i> Since they have features of both hand shapes, they are more healthy and realistic.
ii> Intuitive
iii> Stay relaxed even in trying situations

Surya Puja

Surya Puja is devoted to Surya, the Hindu Sun God. In zodiac as well, SUN is always on top in every way.Surya Puja is conducted on Weekend(Sunday).The advantages of the pooja consist of wellness, success and bravery to face with difficult situations, evade from horoscope relevant problems and also comfort from medical relevant problems.

Surya Puja Vidhi

1> Early Get up before sunrise.
2> Take bath.
3> The puja is conducted to the increasing sun.
4> Face the rising sun or east
5> Take some water and spread on the head
6> Offer prayers to Ganesha
7> Pray to Surya(Sun)
8> Provide the water to Surya – you can add it to the ground
9> Offer lotus or any flowers
10> Apply red colored Tika or Chandan on forehead
11> Chant Gayatri Mantra or listen to Aditya Hridya Stotram.
12> Meditate for few minutes.
13> The puja is complete.

If you are fasting on Sunday, the starvation(fast) is from Sunrise to next day sundawn. A single food is taken after sunset without salt. You can eat fruits and vegetables during the day.

Ganapathi Homam

Ganesha is diffrent kinds of Names Ganapati, Vigneswara, Vinayaka and Gajamukha.Ganapati Homam is for invoking the delights of lord Ganapati is conducted to beget pleasure, achievements and great wellness.He is the lord of knowledge and symbolizes Pranava and is done to get rid off all challenges in the direction of achievements(success) and results in realization the designed perform.

Performing Ganapathy Homam once every year gives achievements, wellness and prosperity(wealth). Especially in Kerala & Tamilnadu People Begins All Traditions By Doing Ganapathi Homam.Before starting any new project or anything anew, Ganesh Homam is must. If one is being affected by failures, when beginning a new company or investment strategies or when one is planning a wedding.

Benefits of Performing Ganapathy homam

1. Success in life
2. Health(Wellness) – Win over any type of disease
3. Prosperity(Wealth) – Get all kinds of wealth you anticipate for
4. Getting our purpose or aim, without any hindrance

Materials for Ganapathi homam

1> Coconut : 3
2> Rice Flakes (Aval) : 1 pkt
3> Jaggery (sharkara) : 3 pkts (small)
4> Fruits (Banana, Orange, Apple, Grapes etc) : 1 each
5> Flowers : 4 Bunches
6> Sandal powder (Chandanam) : 1 pkt
7> Bhasmam(Vibhoodi) : 1 pkt
8> Agarbathi (Sambrani) : 1 pkt
9> Sugar Cane (karimbu) : 1 small piece
10> Sesame seeds (Ellu) : 1 pkt
11> Milk : 1 Gallon
12> Ghee : 1 small bottle
13> Honey : 1 small bottle
14> Kalkkandam : 1 small pkt
15> Raisins : 1 pkt
16> Bricks (Ishtika) : 10 peices
17> Aluminium tray, Foil : 1 each
18> Sand (Available from Home Depot, Ace etc.) : 1 bag
19> Turmeric Powder : 1 pkt
20> Rice flour : 1 pkt
21> Sesame oil : 1 bottle
22> Lamp : 3
23> Wicks : 1 pkt
24> Rice – Small Quatities : 1 pkt
25> Kumkum : 1 pkt
26> Clean vessel and spoon(to make prasadam) : 1 set

Vastu Shastra For Home Office

The word ‘Vastu’ is derived from the root ‘Vas’ meaning is ‘reside’.

This trend of performing any work from home business is actually shooting-up speedily now-a-days. vastu shastra for home office is also an important perhaps the house while people expend long hours in there.
Also considering that it is a organization set up, people are more and more turning to Vaastu Shastra to
ensure excellent end result, enhanced earnings and productivity throughout do the job.

Vaastu concepts regarding office at home takes note several factors for instance spot in the office, course during which household furniture is actually retained, location of gadgets and spot of different sections in the office for example. Office at home is frequently created close to the entrance of the home in order to help easy access regarding customers.Vaastu Guidelines for designing Home Office in a house

A building constructed as per vastu principles will bring happiness,good health,wealth and property to its inmates.

Basic principles of vastu – The entire universe is a composition of five basic element air,earth,fire,space and water.

The north-east assigned to water is ideal for water tanks,bore-wells,swimming pools etc.

Location of Home Office

• The excellent place with regard to creating your dream house business office would be the the southern area of as well as traditional western portion of the home.

• It assures far better concentrate as well as focus.

vastu shastra for home office business office in the north-eastern portion of the home need to be purely definitely avoided as it will have an impact on the quality of operate in a wrong way and your enterprise may keep inactive Position of doors and windows

• South is generally considered the best direction for the businesses. The entrance door of the office should be on the southern wall to attract maximum business activity.

• Avoid having entrance on the north since it will create inactivity in the office.

• Windows can be placed on the northern walls to get maximum day light.

• Odd number of windows and doors in the office brings new opportunities and dynamism in the business.

Position of owner’s desk and other furniture items

• The owner’s cubical should be rectangle-shaped in form and be placed in the south-west quadrant in the space.

• The cubical must confront n ., far east as well as north-east and operator must stay clear of going through southerly as well as gulf even though doing the job. Usually, it will eventually minimize the capacity in the particular person to adopt beneficial options and focus on do the job.

• Other furniture objects should be in the southerly and western part of the area.

• The key, northern part of the area should be stored unfilled.

Guidelines for pantry and toilet

• South-east or north-western zone of the room are the ideal location to set up a pantry.

• Toilets should be constructed in the north-east and south-west direction of the room.

Navgraha Pooja

What is Navgraha Shanti Pooja?

Nava’ indicates nine. ’Graha’ means planet’s.There are nine planet’s our vedic astrology that impact our lives. The place of planet at the time of person birth will have impact on his activities and respond to different circumstances in his life. Every Life as it is has its highs and lows.Navagraha Shanti Puja is performed to decrease the bad and negative effects and enhance the positive efforts relevant to a person.

Why pray for Navgraha Shanti?

Navagraha Shanti puja will be beneficial, when the involved planet dasa or sub-dasa is in function or if the planet is associated with maleficent(अशुभ) or is in the 3rd, 6th, 8th, or Twelfth house

Significance of Navgraha Planet & Temple:-

1>Planet – SUN (Surya)

Navagraha Temple – Suryanar Koil
Sun – is the king of planets which gives health
Gods:Lord Siva



2>Planet – MOON (Chandra)

Navagraha Temple – Thingalur
Moon : which rules over mind and gives success.
Goddess Parvathi



3>Planet – MARS (Kuja)

Navagraha Temple – Vaidheeshwaran
Mangal or Mars : which gives prosperity and wealth.
Gods:Lord Karthikeya




4>Planet – MERCURY (Bhudha)

Navagraha Temple – Thiruvenkadu
Mercury : which gives knowledge.



5>Planet – VENUS (Sukra)

Navagraha Temple – Kanjanur
Venus : which gives knowledge of art, music etc. long life, wealth, happiness, children, property and good education. He is ruled by Goddess Mahalakshmi.



6>Planet – JUPITER(Guru)

Navagraha Temple – Alangudi
Jupiter : Gives to you education
Gods:Lord Dakshinamurthi




7>Planet – SATURN (Sani)

Navagraha Temple – Thirunallar
Saturn gives happiness and also teaches vairagya.
Gods:Lord Yama




8>Planet – RAHU

Navagraha Temple – Thirunageswaram
Rahu makes the life stronger.
Gods: Durga




9>Planet – Ketu

Navagraha Temple – Keezhaperumpallam
Ensures prosperity in the family.
Gods:Lord Ganesa or Indra




Vastu In Home

Vaastu is definitely an ancient Indian scientific disciplines of which is effective on the theory connected with Panchbhootas, some sort of time period speaking about the all 5 basic components of the whole world: Earth,Drinking water, Atmosphere, Flames and also Area. Vaastu is usually a scientific disciplines of which makes an attempt to obtain some sort of synergy around all the all 5 aspects such how the house gets to be constructive to be able to their occupants.

The perfect use of Vaastu In Home ideas might help a single gain a great setting in your own home that’s bodily at ease, emotional tranquilizing and also intellectually energetic.

We’ve got compiled several Vaastu guidelines that can be used to enhance the constructive result connected with aspects in numerous rooms of your property.

East is the the majority of auspicious path regarding entry ways to your property.

The particular slope from the property must be coming from west to help eastern or perhaps southern region to help northern.

Shadow of a shrub shouldn’t fall around the property.

The particular northern path shows abundance, and should never become plugged.

Cactus seed shouldn’t become harvested inside your home.

Almost all gates should wide open toward within.

Door depends must be noiseless.

Articles in a developing have to be put into actually numbers in different building.

By making use of Vaastu , one will discover away the best information to the variety of elements of a typical household. The objective of Vaastu is to obtain a great feeling involving stability concerning humans in addition to characteristics.

Vaastu in Home is a important compilation involving methods in addition to ideas in which take into account the affects upon human living in addition to homes of various pure phenomena such as:

World’s gravitational power

Sun’s heat, mild in addition to infra-red rays

Level in addition to high intensity involving rain

Route in addition to pace involving the wind.

Here indianastrologers going to suggest few remedies which is really beneficial for your routine life.


Far east would be the the majority of auspicious course regarding entry ways with a home.

The particular slope on the home need to be coming from west to help eastern side or southern to help north.

Shadow of the woods doesn’t want to fall on the home.

The particular north course signifies abundance, and will certainly not become plugged.

Cactus grow don’t want to become expanded in your house.

Most gates ought to wide open toward interior.

Home knobs need to be quiet.

Articles in the making have to be put in perhaps amounts in any structure.


The main bed room should be built within the south-west route.

The particular your bed should never end up being inserted down below any shine.

Sq as well as rectangle form master bedrooms tend to be perfect for ensuring peacefulness as well as success.

Steer clear of hanging pics that will depict violence as well as sorrow.

Any kind of reflective types of surface including magnifying mirrors as well as televisions should be insured in the evening during sleep.

Sleep along with your mind to Southern region.

Lower complexity in your place since complexity symbolizes this unfinished jobs you have ever had.

Living Room

This north course is great for this construction involving hang.

Vaastu states towards using works of art which often show damaging tasks of life.

Air-conditioners must be in the western world and not in the southeast area.

Lower in addition to European sides in the area are usually perfect for inserting this household furniture.

Food dining tables need to have even-numbered recliners.

Kids’ Room

Kids’ space needs to be built inside northwest place of the house.

The colour scheme needs to be gentle.

Do not location the household furniture adhering to the wall structure, as it hinders the movement associated with positive electricity.

The learning table needs to be placed in that manner how the little one people asian, upper or even north-eastern place although researching.

The actual computer needs to be put in the south west place.


The right place of the kitchen area would be the southeast part of the house, with northwest getting the 2nd most suitable choice.

Preparing food action should be performed even though facing far east, seeing that it can be the auspicious way. The other option is actually upper way.

Electric objects for instance microwaves, juicers along with mixers should be placed in this southeast part of the kitchen area.

The refrigerator should be within the northwest, southeast, to the south or even western side.

Your kitchen should have satisfactory supply intended for cross-ventilation.

Maa Durga Mata

About Durga Mata : Lifestyle signifies new surprises just about every time then one never ever is aware of every time a close friend would likely turn into a opponent or maybe many man or woman may possibly think a uncomfortable situation.

In case just one would like to kick off a whole new enterprise you’ve got to keep at any time wary of mischief makers curved about organizing a new spanner inside the is effective. Exactly what far more it may not really be an understandable enemy that one is on .A single might well flourish in preventing problems caused by envisioned places, nevertheless numerous capture one particular unawares along with leave one particular striving to help keep life going on easily. Even though one particular is equipped with a new daring character one can feasible carry out at most several in a minute; along with a series of problems caused by scores regarding places as opposed to proving for being satisfying companions could possibly mean loss of precious time, electricity along with cash and in many cases health and life.

Maa Durga Mata tremendous way increase involving, sensation involving security, self-confidence as well as belief is usually presents of this .

Living gets to be fraught with problems, frequent anxieties, not well health insurance and loss in riches on account of such damaging influences inside life. In such predicaments particularly when no volume of smart therapy guidance, dangers function at this time there is still no selection than in search of divine succour. Durga puja on it’s own can help 1 overcome such problems, regarding Vedic rituals certainly are a amazing way to obtain Shakti or maybe divine electrical power which not just instills real toughness as well as stamina alternatively likewise tones up 1 psychologically as well as spiritually.

Truth be told shown by countless scriptures that one pre-loaded with Rule strength is still invincible life long. In case you have stolen in the unlimited way to obtain Electric power and also Electricity, Maa durga mata, after that practically nothing inside world could confirm a menace compared to that particular person.

These Durga puja is usually an unfailing as well as quickly strategy for turning enemies into close friends, doing away with most obstacles about the journey involving achievement, banishing most anxieties as well as problems within lifestyle as well as nullifying the consequences off evil procedures in which might have been caused through several enemy.

Here we are going to suggest few mantras.

Sarva Mangal Maangalye Shive Sarvaarth Saadhike | Sharannye Trayambake Gouri Naaraayanni Namostute
|| Ayeing Hreeng Kleeng Chaamundaayei Vichche ||

Pooja For

Puja For Marriage

By doing this puja the issues in wedding will be eliminated and you will get perfect time wedding. Your married life will be relaxing.

1) UMA Maheswari Puja
2) Pani Grahana Puja
3) Shukra Dosha Nivarana Puja
4) Shiv Parvati Puja
5) Swayamvara Parvathi Puja
6) Gauri Shankara Puja
7) Shri Kaatyayani Puja
8) Arisht Grah Dosha Nivarana Puja
9) Mangalya Dosha Nivarana

Puja Results: Right time marriage, Getting Right Groom or Bride, Dosha Nivurthi and Getting Happy Married life

Puja For Prosperity and Luck


Puja Results: Removing obstacles, Sudden luck

Puja For Education


Puja Results: Good Education, Good memory power, Removing Educating Obstacles and Good Knowledge.

PUJA For Health


Puja Results: Good health, Life without diseases, Life without fear and to prevent suicides.

PUJA For Wealth


Puja Results: Blessed with riches, Good Conveniences and Unexpected Wealth.

PUJA For Children


Puja Results: For getting children, success in endeavors and worldly enjoyment.

Puja For Planets

1) Surya Puja
2) Chandra Puja
3) Mangal Puja
4) Rahu Puja
6) Shani Puja
7) Mercury Puja
8) Shukra Puja
9) Ketu Puja

Puja Results: Those who aspire for sound health, prosperity, good eyesight, strength and courage, success, cure of chronic diseases like leprosy, heart ailment, nervous weakness, asthma. For concentration, mental peace, pleasing personality, control of emotions and for Mangal Doshas, knowledge, deep understanding, and respect. For media publicity and for success in love,Pooja For All.

What is Astrology Vedic

For hundreds of years, mankind have viewed on the heavens regarding instruction. Astrology will be, to put it differently, the research of the inter connect to the astronomical opportunities of the planets and situations in the world. Astrologers feel that your opportunities of the Sunshine, Silent celestial body, and planets at the time of ones beginning use a strong problem in that will individuals personality. These kinds of possibilities are believed to help affect ones lives, although some Astrologers think that no cost will certainly takes on a sizable part in any peoples living.

We all, at Indian Astrologer, think that Astrology can be utilized to be a highly effective in addition to enjoyable tool with regard to knowing yourself, people, and the entire world about people. We all employ a number of instruments, or maybe languages, in order to outline in addition to understand our universe. One example is,What is Astrology Vedic Basically,astrology provides people prosperous instruments with regard to knowing people identity, and people any dialect with regard to speaking our findings using people.

While we could make use of a labor and birth graph or horoscope as a “window” directly into anyone or occasion, we ought to by no means put it to use to pass view so they can name men and women. None must most of us put it to use for excuse for the behavior! We are able to by no means purport to understand totally almost everything concerning somebody even if we’ve their own birth graph  previous to people. The idea is a good idea to approach Astrology for imperfect vocabulary. Regardless of whether it had been ideal, were certainly not, therefore our interpretations can not be looked at anywhere all-around ideal. The idea follows for being cautious about any individual declaring for being an Astrologer which furthermore alleges to “know all”, or can make terrible forecasts. This type of process is not just irresponsible along with misleading, it may impact this lifestyles of the which imagine these within undesirable methods.

What is Astrology  which is indicate good news , having ones natal data has become because straightforward because get together ones labor and birth facts and directing ones web browser to some web page having a good Astrological data creating application. In case you have not necessarily by now experienced it, choose each of our content,. When you have ones data available from our astrologers you’ll be able to be able to interpret the item by means of initial finding out precisely what the designs suggest.